( 2016-17 )

To discover and encourage students who have the capacity for original and creative thinking, readiness to attack unfamiliar and non-routine problems exhibiting a general mathematical ability appropriate to their level. The AMTI is a pioneer organization in promoting and conducting Mathematics Talent Tests in India. Last year (in the 46th National level tests) 102317 students from 711 institutions spread all over India participated at the screening level. About 10% of them were selected for the final Merit certificates and prizes were awarded to the deserving students.


The syllabus for Mathematics Olympiad (Regional, National and International) is pre-degree college mathematics. The areas covered are, mainly 
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Number theory
  • Graph theory & combinatorics.
  • Algebra:

    Polynomials, Solving equations, inequalities and complex numbers.

  • Geometry:

    Geometry of triangles and circles.(Trigonometric methods, vector methods, complex number methods, transformation geometry methods can also be used to solve problems)

  • Number Theory:

    Divisibility, Diophantine equations, congruence relations, prime numbers and elementary results on prime numbers.

  • Combinatorics & Graph Theory :

    Counting techniques, pigeon hole principle, principle of inclusion and exclusion, basic graph theory.Problems pertaining to these concepts will be of non-routine type with difficulty level increasing from RMO to INMO to IMO.

    Further to motivate this type of thinking from Class V onwards questions solvable by the best with clear knowledge of concepts introduced to them applied to problem solving will be set for primary (V & VI), sub-Junior (VII & VIII), Junior (IX & X) and Inter (XI & XII).

    A glance at the Questions & Solutions of previous years and the books published by the AMTI will facilitate students at all levels to understand the nature of Olympiad examinations.


    • English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil or Telugu.
    • The medium for Senior level is English only.

    • Your institution shall be the centre for your students and the Principal or the Head of Mathematics Department shall be in charge of the proper conduct of the examinations for the PRELIMINARY LEVEL.
    • Individuals applying will be intimated the center at which they should take the examination.
    • Every candidate except the senior level will take two tests-Preliminary Test and Final Test. See details below.

    • It will consist of objective type questions in multiple choice types and fill in the blanks, each 50% of the total. The responses in the preliminary test will be written in the response sheet to be supplied by the AMTI. Preliminary test will be conducted in and your institution and evaluated BY YOU and the top about 10% scorers in the Preliminary Test will be intimated to us along with the mark lists of all candidates for each level by separately.

    • It will consist of essay type questions. It will be conducted in chosen centres in the respective states and the students appearing for the final tests shall write the test only in the centres allotted by the AMTI.

    • Answered answer books of the final test are to be dispatched on the same day of the examination and delayed receipts may not be entertained.
    • Senior Level students (college degree level) will take only the final test.
    • For the final test, papers for writing answers will be supplied by AMTI and the cover page may be duly filled.
    • On no account the date and time of the examination be altered by the centres.

    • Cash Awards to the top 3 winners in each level at the finals, (1st position Rs.5000/-, 2nd Rs.2500/- and 3rd Rs.1250/-), Merit Certificates for them and others selected at the final level with some cash award for the latter also will be given based on their revealing a reasonable level of mathematical maturity. All the students selected at the Final Level Test will get a certificate and cash award. Enrichment contact courses are likely to be organized for the promising toppers.
      Scholarship effective from 2010 onwards:
    • For those who get selected at INMO through AMTI, an adhoc sum of Rs. 10000/-(Rupees Ten thousand ) each will be given.
    • For those who get selected for IMO from them a sum of Rs. 20000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand ) each will be given.
For any information about NMTC you can visit to http://www.amtionline.com/